The Master Key: Executive Leadership Development

"Make the Noise Go Away"

Duration: 12 months

Format:  11 class sessions (2-3 hours each) including a combination of in-person and video conference coaching sessions

Who should attend: Key Executive who is a  direct report to the CEO (i.e. COO, VP, Division Director, etc). 

Key Executives will learn:

  • Upward communication strategies to take things off the Entrepreneur’s mind so he/she doesn’t worry.

  • Innovation implementation strategies

  • Client management techniques

  • Understanding the power of values and applying it in the business

  • Proactive culture management

  • Decision making strategies to make better decisions the first time

  • Performance management techniques to get more productivity and better results from employees

  • How to not repeat mistakes in the company.

  • How to reinterpret the Entrepreneur’s message to “connect” with the employees

Entrepreneurs will gain back freedom to grow because their Key Executive will:

  • Think like a CEO

  • Handle issues and challenges that only you used to handle

  • Have a deeper understanding of their own ROI and that of their team.

  • Prioritize things that may be on your mental "wish list".

  • Be responsible for managing and maintaining the company culture that you have established

  • Be equipped to make tough decisions because they will understand ALL consequences, positive and negative.

  • Learn how to utilize their own team to maximize productivity and other peoples' highest and best use of skills

  • Always make you feel "lighter, not heavier".

  • Allow you to spend more time doing what you do best, allowing your team to watch you thrive while you profits rise.

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As far as the culture and the company goes, there was a night and day difference.
— Eric Jackson, CEO Keystone: EO Member

Tools in the Curriculum:

These tools will be taught over the course of the year.

The Birkman Method® – Connecting Entrepreneur with Key Executives with differing communication and work styles is one of the key challenges Entrepreneurs and their Key Executives face. Birkman helps to integrate these diverse individuals into productive relationships that achieve better productivity and success and have the framework to resolve conflict and become more resilient. Birkman allows for this essential team alignment and individuals to have a better sense of self-awareness. Both the Entrepreneur and Key Executive receive a one-on-one personalized coaching session to understand their unique strength behaviors, intrinsic (hidden) needs and how to manage stress behaviors for optimal performance. Together the Entrepreneur and Key Executive will understand the other person’s unique differences and how to develop an even stronger working relationship and organizational alignment.

Psychology of an Entrepreneur™- Conducted in the initial session, the Entrepreneur and Key Executive will understand why Entrepreneurs do what they do and how it impacts their specific organization.

What an Entrepreneur Needs™ -Helps identify what each individual Entrepreneur needs from the Key Executive and the organization in general.  This is imperative in determining a baseline of alignment.

Up At Night™ Implementation-  Helps Entrepreneur and Key Executive with what keeps them up at night and forming habits around consistent communication.  

30 Day Guide to Success™- A tool to help the Key Executive incorporate program implementation into day-to-day activities each month

The Why Exercise™ -Establishes personal motivation to ensure alignment with one's role.  

MySkills™ Identifies Unique Abilities and Natural Talents in order for Key Executive to perform at their own highest and best use as well as that of their team members.

MyTeam™ Helps identify strengths of a team to execute the priorities of an organization

Consequences Worksheet™ Helps Key Executive make good decisions with complexity involved.  They are taught to have others utilize this and communicate upward with decisions that have been assessed thoroughly.

Priority Filter ™ Helps Key Executive identify work priorities that may not be part of formal initiatives.  This provides a method to address things that are important, but may or may not be urgent.

Innovation Gap Eliminator™ Properly places current company value, future company value and the gap for Key Executive to manage  Helps Key Executive communicate changes and shifts in direction so that the rest of the organization can understand it without fear or unrest.

Interpretation Clarifier™ -Helps craft the Entrepreneur’s message for the Key Executive to translate to the other employees.

Getting out of Quadrant II™ (things that are important but not urgent)- Clarification and prioritization of critical items for individual growth and of Entrepreneur’s Quadrant II items

Corporate Values Communicator™- Identifies corporate values and provides a method for Key Executive to ensure that values are being used for all decisions throughout the organization. 

Proactive Client Management- Organizes the organization's efforts to proactively manage and learn fromclients to elicit further innovation.

MyBrand™- Identification and definition of personal brand to be communicated for highest and best use of energy and resources.

Leading vs. Doing (Activity Transfer Plan™)- A plan to move items to appropriate people in the organization and only focusing on highest and best use.

Innovation Development System™  A system to allow someone to think through ideas logically.  

Noise Reduction Objectives Clarifier™ (ROI)- A method to develop upward communication performance objectives so employees communicate objectives and their ultimate impact on the health and finances of the business.

Organizational System Evaluation™ Helps Key Executive identify the best system to get organized in order to lead by example.

The Culture Evolution™ Identification of current culture and developing a plan to manage intended or unintended shifts.