Filter Your Priorities, Not Your Ideas

Entrepreneurs often aren’t aware that they’re constantly spewing out ideas (and hey, it comes with the territory). But as we do this, it can be unclear to employees whether we’re communicating actual directives, or just thinking out loud. As a result, a LOT can get lost in translation, and in the end create more noise for you and more confusion for your employees, who are typically more focused on their specific job function and the short-term.

But good news -- your Master Key Executive can not only help you prioritize these ideas, but also translate them to the rest of the organization and preempt any misinterpretations. Let’s break it down.

Action expresses priorities,” Mahatma Gandhi sagely said. He may not have been alluding to business, but let’s say for the sake of this post that he was. Because this nugget of wisdom can certainly be applied to any business and the Entrepreneur/MKE duo behind it.

Reflect on your actions and your priorities separately. Then together.

Ask yourself, are they consistent?

For example, if your priority is to be healthy, but you constantly eat junk food and never work out, then there’s some disconnect between your actions and priorities.

Now let’s apply this to your business. If your priorities are to innovate and grow, but you’re constantly spending your time on small tasks that just don’t drive the organization forward… well, then your actions do not align with your priorities.

It’s no secret that Entrepreneurs have busy minds (probably some of the busiest). A big priority for us is to constantly innovate and spew new ideas -- something we often do verbally, casually, and unofficially. But when this happens, our thoughts and ideas, like shining a flashlight into the night sky, have nothing to bounce off of and never come to light. They just drift off and disappear into a black hole, and are never given the chance to become real life action items.

A lot of our noise (there’s the magic word) comes from exactly this: the fact that we have all of these ideas, but we don’t know where they go.

However, there’s good news!

When an effective MKE not only captures these ideas and innovations, but prioritizes them in a simple way, it reduces our noise (there it is again) and makes for a clear head -- ripe for more ideas once again!

Rinse and repeat.

Sound logic, right? So, how exactly can an MKE “filter priorities” to help make the noise go away?

I’m so glad you asked.

In an ideal world, we could give all of our awesome ideas the same critical thought and attention; every idea would be a “top priority.” However, we all know that’s not always possible.

Enter Master Key Executive.

As you’re constantly expressing these ideas and innovations -- verbally, almost casually -- your MKE can help you to capture and prioritize them.

When I emphasize that Entrepreneurs often express ideas “verbally” and “casually” -- what do I mean? I’m talking about where priorities come from! Entrepreneurs often communicate new thoughts and concepts in this way because our wheels are always turning.

But when we do this, it can seem to the MKE like we are just “thinking out loud” rather than explicitly communicating an idea as a priority and/or action item. And as for the Entrepreneur, we just hope/assume that our MKE will “own” these things and make them happen. Meanwhile the MKE is thinking “I’ll wait for [Entrepreneur] to tell me that this idea is an actual priority.” The Priority Filter is what bridges this gap between “thinking out loud” and “priority/action item” and gets you both on the same page.

Think of your MKE as a “collector” of ideas and innovations. They don’t necessarily make all of your ideas happen, but they help you decide which ideas will come to life and which won’t.

As your MKE collects these ideas, they will then help you identify the value that each idea would bring to your business. For example, would the idea bring us more clients? Boost employee morale? Increase our revenue? Help us grow? In implementing this Priority Filter tool, you’ll put a plan in place instead of a cluster of ideas just floating around, crowding up your headspace. And at the end of the day, you’ll feel more heard and confident that your actions in the business are reflective of your priorities. Gandhi would be proud.

To learn more about the Priority Filter and how you and your Master Key Executive can implement it to quell your “noise,” CONTACT US for a free tool.