Kent Gregoire, CEO to CEOs



For over thirty years, I’ve been a fun spirited entrepreneur orchestrating conscious business; serving as founder and CEO of business start-ups, transitioning several into impressive rapid-growth companies, exits, and during the most recent 14 years as interim president and operating officer and as strategic business adviser to savvy entrepreneurs.  Throughout my career I’ve spoken, delivered workshops and training to entrepreneurs, key executives and professional sales people on a wide range of topics including responsibility centered leadership, living in the now:  the overwhelmed solution, selling at the executive level, conscious capitalism, and make the noise go away.   


I provide the scarcest commodity of all, entrepreneurial leadership and experience – serving to fill the gaps with insight, direction, and stability.

I help Entrepreneurs refine the product or service, identify the right market(s), solidify the business model, prove out the ability to scale, put in place the structure to scale and secure optimal operating team.

I help unlock the power of your second in command by training key executives so that you get back the emotional freedom you need to make the best use of your time, and at the same time, your Master Key Executive (your “right hand person”) is given the freedom to grow as a leader to take ownership of some of the things that hinder you from feeling safe about your business.

As CEO to CEOs, I advise on setting and building strategy, building and leading teams, establishing strategic partnerships, developing products and services and bringing them to market, making sales and doing deals.


I am an active member of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), serving the Boston chapter in the roles of president elect and MyEO chair. With EO, I'm surrounded by an exclusive network of entrepreneurs who have become my trusted circle of friends. Participating in local and global events exposes me to priceless learning that I use in my businesses and my life.